Architectural Lighting Design

Independent Lighting Design Consultancy

We are an Independent Lighting Consultancy firm. That means we do not have any commercial relationship with lighting manufacturers, which allows us to serve our clients form the most absolute independence and dedication to their interests. 

The office is based in Madrid and is made up of a multidisciplinary team of highly qualified architects and designers. The technical director is Ignacio Valero, Dr. Architect, with more than 25 years of experience and a reference in the sector. Throughout these years the company has been focused in the development of lighting projects, both from a technological point of view and from the visual and emotional result of light.

IGNACIO VALERO x SALA NEXT ©alvarovaldecantos 03
lighting design Sala NxT / photo: Álvaro Valdecantos
Outdoor Lamp for Katia's Garden, 2018, Madrid / photo: Álvaro Valdecantos

Light at the service of our clients

The management of light requires high skills in two very different areas: the technical, since it is a highly technological installation, and the visual, to the extent that we must use this tool to obtain powerful emotional results. Both skills are equally important and the emphasis on one or the other will always be given by an adequate reading of the needs and objectives of our clients.

We like to show our clients the possibilities that light can bring up to their projects, and define together with them the objectives that we are going to address with this wonderful tool. We will apply our creativity and capacity for development to these objectives.

lighting project for Garna Estudio, 2019, Madrid / photo: Álvaro Valdecantos


We offer unique and singular solutions for each project, always attending to the objectives set by the client

Capacity to adapt

We adapt to any workflow, composition of teams and tasks, with total ease and efficiency


We work with the most advanced software for both calculation and representation

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Bespoke luminaires

Natural lighting


Our clients


We collaborate with some of most wellknown national architecture firms: Nieto-Sobejano, Estudio Entresitio, Allende Arquitectos, Ruiz-Barbarín, Álvarez-Sala, Ayala Architects, etc.


We work with some of the most important agents in the real estate market: Tetris-JLL, CBRE, Savills-Aguirre Newman, Axiare, Hispania, Colonial, Neinor Homes, Sonae Sierra, Redevco, Inbisa, Estabona, among others, as well as outstanding private clients.